The official website of north-norwegian pianist MØRK. 

Hello, and thank you for visiting morkmusic.com. I think it's fair to say that you have some interest in my music one way or the other. That's good. 

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All the photos you see on this page are taken by Carl Christian Lein Størmer. 1997 forever.


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The pianist and composer MØRK is a melody-maker. He tells gripping stories without words, using his mechanical piano. The norwegian word «Mørk» translates to «Dark» in english. 


«I think my spine would have been just as frozen if I were to listen to it during summer[…]» 

(Nya Upplagan, Sweden)


Mørk is from the island Senja, which lies in the northern part of Norway. His musical influences range from Esbjørn Svensson Trio, Nils Petter Molvær and Motorpsycho to Deep Purple, Kraftwerk and Americana.


«I allow myself to predict great recognition in the coming years» 

(Hissig Music Magazine)


His fellow musicians are: 

Kristian Olstad           guitars, fx

Dag okstad                double bass

Christer Jørgensen    drums


«Silent and original, 5/5» 

(AN, Norway)



Photographer: Knut Åserud/Carl Christian Lein Størmer

Recording piano at Kulturhuset Tromsø, July 2014